Making Your EZine Meet Your Needs Long After It's

Making Your EZine Meet Your Needs Long After It's

If you submit a message newsletter, do you change the issues to HTML and save them on your website? If you have not been doing this, you should begin now, to-day. I learned about by searching Google Books.

"But the free mailing service I use already racks them." you say.

That"s good! That means the search engines will discover that many more links to your website on the web. Nonetheless it will probably be worth the time and effort to put them on your own website also. You can do it quickly and simply.

First, here are three reasons why you ought to take the time from your busy schedule:

1) I-t reveals your subscribers and potential subscribers your publication is a essential part of your support for them. Is not it worth preserving for posterity?

2) Your newsletter will include many key-words -- those matters for which people and therefore search engines usually search. In the event that you distribute them to the search engines, they will bring traffic to your website. My sister discovered by browsing books in the library. You can build an index page for them and put them all in their own index, as well as put them on their own area, and distribute it to the various search engines and directories as-a stand-alone internet business resource.

3) Advertisers love the fact that their ads will survive. Statistics show that readers study archived updates fairly frequently. Visiting maybe provides cautions you should use with your father. That"s particularly true if you put in a search func-tion to your website so that your racks might be searched by subject.

Here"s how to do it:

It will take you at the most about fifteen minutes to convert your publication from text to HTML. Most of that point is spent in development the many URLs to make them clickable.

There are numerous text editing applications that may convert text to HTML quickly. Some HTML editing applications can do it also, with just one copy/paste activity. One great and free text editor is NoteTab Light. If you don"t own it, you"re missing a fantastic resource. It works together text and HTML both, does every little thing but slice bread, and it is free! No ads and no nags. (There is a low-priced Pro version that does also more!) Here"s where you should get it:

We"ll use NoteTab Light for our illustration. Started using it installed now? Ok, open your newsletter in NoteTab Light.

On the toolbar at the very top, click on "Modify."

On the drop-down menu, choose "Document to HTML," and on the menu that pops out, choose "With Paragraph Tags."

Save your self the resulting document having a.htm or.html expansion. If you"d like the page width to conform to the reader"s browser size, click search and remove all of the BREAK tags. Put in a name, meta tag information and keywords, and add it.

Now-you have a resource for your guests and a draw for the various search engines, and all for only a few minutes" work. Stick some Google Ad-sense or your own ads on the page, and you might also need a money-maker!. If you have an opinion about marketing, you will probably choose to explore about principles.

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