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Our Mission Our mission is to support the OEM, ODM, & CM market through well established, ,skilled, and diverse factory partnerships in Asia. We deliver value-added services that enable companies to manage, improve, and add profitability to their business.
Cable Assemblies Our custom cable assembly capabilities furnish the OEM and ODM market with superior product at a significantly reduced cost. Our cable manufacturing services range from design, prototypes, to full production.
Custom Connectors Supply Concepts has a state of the art mold/tooling fabrication shop which allows us to quickly go from concept to mass production in weeks, not months. Our in house mold facility provides flexibility to react quickly to changes in customer requirements.
CNC Machining Unsurpassed accuracy is the end result with our CNC capabilities, which include the full array of CNC fabricating techniques. If the project demands the upmost of accuracy our CNC solutions is the answer.
Die Casting and Extrusion Supply Concepts Die Casting and Extrusion process offers the widest range of shapes than any other metal manufacturing technique. From die design to finished product, with the end result always being the same, and economical, quality product.
Custom Metal Work Whether it be a simple stand alone single part, or a totally customized multi faceted assembly, Supply Concepts has the expertise and quality facilities to get your project done right the first time. Our partnered factories capabilities range from a simple stamping to the most intricate multi process fabrication.
Injection Moulding Utilizing the latest CAD systems, coupled with our experience, Supply Concepts can undertake the most difficult Injection Moulding Projects. Whether it be the selection of raw material or color, we have the expertise and experience to create the quality finished product are customers expect.
Transformers We make sure all our transformers comply with the safety standards denoted by our customer’s, UL, CSA, VDE. IEC, and AS/NZS and others. Making sure all of our electrical products meet the highest safety standards is paramount at Supply Concepts.  
Heatsink Supply Concepts offers many different standard type heat sinks. Many of these heat sinks can be slightly modified to meet most of our customer’s need. Having a large inventory of these basic designs in stock offer you, our customer, a very cost effective, quick turnaround solution to your heat sink needs. If need be, we can always design and deliver a totally customs solution.  
LCD Display and Modules Supply Concepts offers a wide range of custom and standard LCD displays and modules. Our custom capabilities range from the simplest of monochrome displays to the highest resolution available in today’s technology.

Custom Cable Assemblies

Producing the highest quality Cable Assemblies, along with providing the best service possible has always been key to our success. From simple point-to-point assemblies, to complex multi-termination type assemblies, Supply Concepts has the experience necessary to satisfy all of your custom cable prototyping and manufacturing requirements.

Your requirements are unique and you need a supplier that not only delivers a finished assembly, but a manufacturing partner that offers you the unique services that your company requires. Whether you have a loose concept or detailed work instructions, Supply Concepts works from your documentation to create a Custom Cable Assembly Solution tailored to your requirement. With professionally trained personnel and the latest industry equipment, Supply Concepts delivers your Custom Cable Assemblies on time, every time. From the simplest Cable Assemblies to the most complex Wire Harnesses, Supply Concepts has the Service, Quality, and Price your company needs. We have the means and resources to ensure high quality and low unit cost. Our capabilities include:

Standard Cable Assemblies

In addition to Custom Cable Assemblies, Supply Concepts proudly offers Industry Standard Cable Assemblies. From industry mainstays such as USB and VGA to the newest emerging standards, Supply Concepts is your single source for all of your Cable Assembly needs. Contact Supply Concepts today to discuss your Cable Assembly requirements.

Wire Harness Manufacturing

We provide wire harnesses for OEM customers in a wide range of industries-including; process control, telecommunications, gaming, product dispensing, audio and video, computer, medical, health-care, and automotive industry.

Wire and Cable Prep

From stripping to cutting to preparation and assembly, we use the best machines available, with SPC qualified operators.

Flat Ribbon

Flat cable connections are used in numerous wiring applications, from the computer industry for board to board interfacing.

Additional ribbon cable production capabilities include wire, splicing, IDC terminations, .025 to .156 centerline spacing, plus many others.

In addition to ribbon cables, we are also fully equipped for processing other flat cable products: twisted flat cable, Flexible File Cable and printed wiring.

Flex Cable

Polymer Thick Film (PTF) Circuits

Double-Sided Flexible Printed Circuit Technology

Rigid-Flex and Multilayer Circuit Designs

Single and Double Sided Etched Copper FPC


Network Coaxial Cables
Broadband Wireless Cables
RGB Cables
High Flex SVHS Cables
DS3/4 Coax Cables
DS3/4 Telecommunications Cables
Semi-Rigid RF Cables
Microphone and Musical Instrument Cables
Video Coax Cables
Field Deployable Antenna Feeder Cables
Analog Video, CCTV Coax Cables
Mini RG-59 Plenum Cables
DBS Coax Cables
IEEE 802-4 Man Cables


Moisture proofing to IP standards
Flex life
Lot traceability
Medical grade material options to include TPE,
Polyurethane, and Silicone
Cable appearance and cosmetics
Resistance to sterilization methods
Elimination of trlboelectric noise
EMI suppression


We can use many different wire types and gauges from 2-30ga. We use high speed equipment to cut, strip, terminate, and mark wire, and can customize just about any wire harness to your needs. From the basic 2 circuit harness to a complex 100 circuit harness with multiple breakouts, we have done them all


ESD Compounds
Embedded Circuitry


Custom power cords, heavy duty power cords, hospital grade power cords, locking power cords, international power cords, almost any NEMA and IEC configurations, power cord adapters, OEM replacement custom cords, Electrical, industrial, outdoor use, we make them all.

Fiber Optic

Multimode and siglemode bulk fiber
Simplex, duplex and multi-fiber
ST, SC, SMA, Biconic, FDDI, ESCON, Mini BNC
Pigtails, patch cords, hybrids
Multi fiber with pulling eyes
Patch panels
Manufacturing Highlights
Assemblies are made with all industry standard connectors
Patch cords are available in standard PC polish, ultra polish or angled polish
All cables can be customized to fit any length and pulling-eyes are available
Singlemode outside plant multifiber assemblies are also available
Assemblies can be packaged in individual plastic bags
All assemblies are 100% tested and manufactured in a controlled factory environment.


All types of USB cables and USB connectors are available: standard, mini and micro formats, type A & type B in both male and female.
We can also produce custom USB leads with non-standard connectors or plugs for your specific application. USB cables are also produced in the popular retractable style.

USB 2.0 to ide cable
USB extension cable
USB printer cable
USB data cable
USB to serial cable
Parallel to USB cable
USB midi cable
Firewire to USB cable
Psp USB cable
USB 2.0 cable
USB to parallel printer cable
lpod USB cable
Mini USB cable
USB to USB cable
USB to ide cable
USB ethernet cable
Internal USB cable
USB link cable
Long USB cable
USB 2 cable
USB data transfer cable
USB a b cable
USB bridge cable
USB extender cable
USB file transfer cable
USB cable 1.1
USB extention cable
USB cable splitter
USB to rca cable
Cell phone USB cable
Centronics USB cable
Scsi to USB cable
USB network cable
USB direct link cable
USB transfer cable
USB 2.0 extension
leee 1394 USB cable
USB camera cable
USB male type a cable
USB 2.0 printer cable
USB mini b cable
USB optical cable
USB to rs232 cable
USB cable adapter
Digital camera USB

Instrumentation Cable

Multi-meter, cables
Instruments cables for Oscillosocopes, Speoctrum analyzers, Signal generators
Laboratory equipment/Lab instrument cables
Double-Shielded GPIB Cable
GPIB interface for digital logic analyzers
Temperature measurement instruments cables
Infrared thermometers, Infrared cameras
Weighing Scales cables
Humidity measurement instrument cables
Gas detectors and Gas analyzers
Metrology equipment
Shielded GPIB Cables
GPIB Cable, Double-Shielded, Standard to Right-Angle
GPlB interface Instrument Cables - with Shielded Plug/Receptacles
Metrology GPIB cable
GPIB cable for HPIB equipment (Hewlett Packard Interface Bus)