Inevitably, every company has a need to source products, whether component or finished assembly. Many of these projects have been subjected to limited/unstable supply or single source inflexibility, quality issues, costs of components/sub assemblies negatively affecting finished product profitability, or, a new design which cannot be produced to schedule as a result of products not being effectively sourced in time, or through a reliable partner. Fortunately, Supply Concepts provides solutions to all these challenges via our alternate source capability. From an initial customer requesting our assistance with a problem item, Supply Concepts has grown into a trusted and important tool for the OEM/CM seeking to address the above, and more. So, whether it’s a sole source component manufacturer not providing you adequate support, a lack of quality plastics providers in the Americas, or a manufacturer price increase affecting your bottom line, or simply, a new design you cannot produce due to lack of supplier support, Supply Concepts can provide effective results. Supply Concepts will address these limitations in your supply chain, seamlessly, promptly and through a known, local contact who has both your short and long term interests in mind. For you, the customer, we have removed the previous barriers in accessing the tremendous manufacturing base in low cost areas of the world, thereby mitigating the apprehension and uncertainty associated with dealing overseas while realizing all the benefits sourcing through these markets bring. Experienced, resourceful, committed, competent…Supply Concepts, worldwide manufacturing capability as if it is local.