Quality assurance is a key component in our business, as it with virtually every customer. We recognize that increased supply capacity or lower product cost is of no use if product quality is lacking. In fact, in addition to delays and production de-commits, poor quality causes product costs to increase, not decrease. That is why Supply Concepts addresses the quality issue with a laser focus. This focus and the corresponding quality processes in place have been the hallmark of our operations and the resulting zero defect standard we employ towards every item we provide. Of course, recognition of the importance of quality does little good if the actions to insure only the highest quality of products are provided are not implemented. These actions start with partnering with only exceptional manufacturers, carefully selected by our quality teams. All are well established, with significant, long term operations and large teams of professionals who closely share our commitment to quality. Prior to our consideration, these manufacturers are screened, visited, interviewed and audited. Applicable ISO, Automotive, Medical and other certifications are reviewed and verified. Customer references are requested and contacted to obtain feedback and quality metrics on product previously provided. These products are also physically inspected by our teams and carefully matched to original product specifications to insure 100% compliance, to the satisfaction of the high standards of Supply Concepts. Only after these reviews, and others, do we consider the manufacturer as a potential manufacturing partner. Once a customer need is identified, we then work with at least 3 of our approved manufacturers to obtain the best combination of pricing, manufacturing leadtime, capacity, and other considerations. Our manufacturing sites are available for customer visit and review. This cycle is followed with your product, from specification review and application suitability, to sample inspection and approval, to full production of the product linked to your requirements. All products are carefully inspected by our quality team prior to shipment and are exactly matched to product specifications, or the product itself, if being alternatively manufactured. So, you can feel fully confident the product is be built right…first time and every time, with no surprises…the Supply Concepts way.