Whether you are looking to source Custom Cable Assemblies, Plastic/Metal product, custom LCD panels, Stamped, Die Cast and CNC processed parts or items made to your custom specifications that are costing you more than they should to get manufactured locally, Supply Concepts can provide the support you require. See our Products page for a brief look at our capabilities; you can send us your product specifications if your required product is not listed. We have helped a wide array of customers to develop and manufacture parts/products in Asia and other low cost/high value regions through our exceptional and diverse manufacturing capabilities.

You can reduce cost and risk when you engage Supply Concepts to handle the manufacturing of your part or product in Asia or other areas overseas. Engaging Supply Concepts as your overseas manufacturing management specialist is the smart way to accelerate your overseas strategy and take advantage of the significant cost savings available, with the peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with a locally based company, directly linked with our expert team in these regions. Supply Concepts brings you a preeminent global supply base with a proven track record in manufacturing.

Our local account managers, experienced in manufacturing and product assembly in Asia, and elsewhere, make sure they understand your product requirements for custom manufactured products. Our project managers work with carefully selected manufacturers, from prototype to production to meet your quality and pricing requirements. Supply Concepts’ expertise comes from years of dedicated service to global customers. Our team members have over 15 years of firsthand experience working directly with companies in managing their manufacturing projects overseas. Supply Concepts brings a 30+ year direct industry track record in supporting the world’s largest OEM’s and CM’s. Much of the team started their careers working for OEM’s and CM’s so they are well aware of the needs and expectations within this environment. As such, we bring a unique perspective and unmatched skill set to learn your needs and integrate this information with the manufacturing base of Supply Concepts.

Supply Concepts provides value-add services to customer partners by sourcing complete parts and products as well as raw materials. We have consistently helped customers managing multi-technology projects by sourcing/manufacturing a wide variety of products. With our diverse base of vendors and manufacturers, coupled with our project management expertise, Supply Concepts provides a solutions oriented approach, backed by an outstanding track record of performance.

With substantial worldwide operations, we have the advantage of being local to the global manufacturing base.  We know our partners personally, know where to look for new partners and, just as importantly, as a result of our vigorous vendor qualification process, know which companies not to work with. We have a global mindset and experience with a focussed local knowledge of the expectations and needs of our customers. Supply Concepts has well entrenched quality procedures in place, excellent financial management, and proactive thinking in our business model. Below are the core services provided by Supply Concepts.

• We source/manufacture products in Asia and other low cost regions for our customers.

• We develop and manufacture products for our customers providing cost savings, enhanced quality and a more stable and predictable supply chain.

• We act as a representative and direct link to these benefits for our customers worldwide.

Over the years Supply Concepts has developed from product sourcing company to diversified manufacturer and service provider worldwide. As the numbers of our customers, and their needs, have grown over the years, we have expanded our manufacturing partner base, capabilities and product offerings portfolio.  Today, more and more companies focus on augmenting their sourcing flexibility to achieve cost reductions and increase their supply chain efficiency, effectiveness and capability. Supply Concepts is a trusted partner in helping reach these goals.

At Supply Concepts, the main focus is customer satisfaction. Through a proven formula to provide tangible value and benefit, we continue to develop long term and sustainable relationships with our customers and are looked upon as a strategic asset by these customers